Salimo-Wits Youth Leadership Club (SWLC).

This is one of the empowerment initiatives of Salimo-Wits Foundation designed to equip youths with values, leadership and entrepreneurial skills to become positive change agents in their respective sphere of contact and influence. SWLC reflects our big goal and vision which is to help young people discover, develop and deploy their leadership potentials for national and global impact.

Aims and Objectives

  • To serve as an enduring social network platform bonding like-minded young people seeking positive change.
  • To plan and organize youth-empowerment and development programs.
  • To act as backbone and platform for emerging leaders.
  • Identify and nurture talents to their fullest potentials for personal and societal benefit.
  • To promote the culture of service, professionalism, patriotism, volunteerism, hard work, integrity, honesty, character and excellence among youths.
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