It’s another Monday again. In the course of last week, I encountered this article by Eric McGrath CEO and co-founder of Driven Leadership, a training and development organization. Hope you are inspired, motivated and empowered.

*Leadership – What Is It?
We know great leaders forge new industries, build great companies and advance social change. But how? Here are 7 Traits every great leader should possess.

♠Great Leaders Start With Why
Great leaders are connected to their “Why”. It is the fuel that drives them in everything they do. You cannot begin to lead without an understanding of who you are. Leaders know who they are and what they believe. This is the foundation of strong character, purpose, and authenticity.

♠Great Leaders Empower Others
A great leader must first become a good servant. A leader’s job, first and foremost, is to help and guide other people to achieve what they want to achieve. Great leaders do not see their employees as inferior. On the contrary, great leaders raise up more leaders.

♠Great Leaders Focus On Solutions, Not Problems
What separates great leaders from the rest is their ability to focus on solutions, rather than problems. No matter how hard you try to avoid it, problems and failures will happen. Great leaders take them in stride. They calm the waters, boost morale and push through.

♠Great Leaders Think Outside The Box
Great leaders challenge the status quo. No matter what others say, they believe the records and statistics, can be broken. They disrupt the natural order of things to find new and better ways of doing things. Great leaders achieve great things because they’re willing to ask questions, be critical and create change where it’s needed. Great leadership is about redefining things, finding new solutions and leading others to bigger and better things. Leadership is about bringing progress and provoking change, none of which can be done from inside the margins of the status quo.

♠Great Leaders Communicate Effectively
Leadership and effective communication go hand in hand. A leader who wants to be influential needs the ability to communicate effectively. Leaders need to be able to communicate clearly with the people around them. They also must be able to interpret other people accurately. In this same arena fall the giving and receiving of feedback.

♠Great Leaders Know Their Team.
Great leaders know each and every member of their team. They are approachable, personable and know the skillset of the individual team member when delegating duties. The great leader sets their team up for success.

♠Great Leaders Lead For A Cause, Not A Promotion.
A great leader focuses their time and energy first to the cause, then to their team and lastly to him or herself. The defining characteristics of leadership fall to integrity, character, initiative, etc. Bad leaders’ step into the spotlight and take credit for the end results. A great leader highlights the work of the team and uses “we” way more than “I”.

♠Finally, take a moment to consider where you are on your leadership journey. Which of the leadership traits do you need to strengthen? Great leaders don’t start by seeking followers, titles or position. Great leaders start by building their leadership traits and skills. A brand-new week full of opportunities awaits you. Be enthusiastic! Be positive! Be Expectant! To your Success! #MotivationalMonday #PersonalLeadership #GreatLeaders #DanEkoko

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