Let’s kick start the 2nd Monday of the year with this Bill
Copeland quote: “The trouble with not having a goal is that you can spend your
life running up and down the field and never score.”

Goal is an end toward which effort or ambition is directed. A successful year
begins with goal setting. Goal setting involves identifying something that you
want to accomplish and establishing measurable goals and timeframes to reach them. Success and
goal setting go hand-in-hand.

SMART goals provide a blueprint for our lives and keeps us in the direction
that would lead to the realization of our dreams. There are eight different
areas of life that you need to set specific goals in 2019. This includes –
physical and health, social, family, personal development, financial, career
and work, educational and spiritual goals. Below are six tips that could be
helpful in achieving success in these areas.

#1: Break it Down!
The bigger a goal looks, the more it creates fear. It’s wiser and better to
break your big goals into a sequence of smaller ones. The smaller the goal the
easier it is to achieve. 
??Tip #2 Make it S.M.A.R.T
Make your goals fit the SMART criteria. SMART is a best practice framework for
setting goals which is an acronym for: Specific, Measurable, Achievable,
Realistic and Time-bound. 
??Tip #3 Write It Down!
Write your goals down. Those who wrote down their goals accomplished
significantly more than those who don’t. 
??Tip #4 Tell someone
Tell someone about it. You can involve your family and friends in helping you
stay on track towards the achievement of your goals.

#5 Stay Persistent
Working to achieve your goals will certainly come with challenges,
difficulties, disappointments and frustration. Whatever the challenges you
encounter as you pursue your dreams in 2018: Stay Persistent! 
??Tip #6 Keep a Record
It’s important to track your progress weekly, monthly, quarterly etc. Take time
to review your goals – write out what worked, what didn’t, why it didn’t and
how you can do better.

??Tip #7 Celebrate!
Finally, celebrate. Yes, whenever you reach a goal – celebrate it! Remember to also say “Thank You” to people that helped you achieve it. Then go back to the goals that are yet to be achieved.

??As we press forward in 2019, use all these tips to navigate your goals. Remember: Without clearly defined goals, you can spend the entire 2019 running up and down never achieving any worthwhile results. Are you ready to tackle 2019 head-on? Set your goals! Set Your Sails and Go! To your success! 

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