Welcome to a brand new week. It’s a wonderful week. Great opportunities awaits you. No matter the results you have achieved in the first half, whether good or bad, pleasant or unpleasant; the second half can be better. You can still achieve the goals you outlined in the start of the year. Personally, one of my big secrets as a business person is that I always look behind and ask myself, ‘What did I do wrong yesterday?’ ‘What wrong choice did I make yesterday?’ and ‘What I’m I doing right today?’

I usually take what I’ve learned from the past, especially failures to develop a blueprint for the future. Always I, advice my mentees to do what I call ‘PREP’ – Prepare, Reflect, Evaluate and Plan. I teach them to make reflection a daily, weekly and monthly habit. Successful people are always learning and reflecting on the past to draw lessons that would enable them accomplish desirable results in the future. As a successful entrepreneur, I reflect on every aspect of my life, and from this habit of reflection, I am able to devise success strategies and continuously improve on my achievements.

It’s vital to reflect on your activities in the past weeks and months, reflect on what you’ve been doing right, what’s working and what isn’t. It’s often said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. To make the rest of 2017 better, you must do things differently. An important part of doing things differently is to review the past months and learn from it.

Here are some useful questions to reflect on:
What were your major achievements in the past six months?
Did you accomplish all the goals you set for the first half of the year?
Did you have any significant milestone?
What were your biggest challenges and problem areas within the past months?
What major lessons did you learn?
How would you apply the lessons learned to achieve better results in the months ahead?
What are you particularly grateful for in the first half of the year?
Looking backward and going forward, what will you do differently?
How will you respond to challenges in the months ahead?
Will you give up at the first sign of difficulty or will you press harder?
At the end of 365 days, will you create a long list of excuses for doing nothing with the opportunities the second half will inevitably present to you?

So here’s the big question: ARE YOU READY TO CONQUER THE REST OF THE YEAR? The difference between the first half of the year and the second half of the year is what you do in the rest of the year to achieve your goals. May the rest of the year be your best of the year. To your success! #MotivationalMonday #DanEkoko

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