I welcome you to the start of the year. It is going to be a phenomenal year for you. The New Year is gradually unfolding. This is the time when most of us reflect on the past year and make all kinds of resolutions for the New Year. Proper preparation and planning at the onset of the Year allows success to come easier and gives a superb head start. Personally, I usually take what I’ve learned from the past year to develop a blueprint for the New Year. I never fail to set aside the beginning of every year to do what I call ‘PREP’ – Prepare, Reflect, Evaluate and Plan.

To make 2017 better than your previous years, you must do things differently. An important part of doing things differently is to review the past year and to learn from it. Here are some questions to ponder:

How well did you do in 2016?
What were your major achievements?
Did you accomplish everything you set out to do?
Did you have any significant milestones?
What were your biggest challenges and problem areas within the past year?
What major lessons did you learn?
How would you apply the lessons learned to achieve better results this year?
Did you procrastinate often in the past year?
What are you particularly grateful for in the past year?
Looking backwards, what will you do differently this year or will it be the same as last year?
Will you look back at the end of 365 days satisfied with your efforts or will it be regrets that you didn’t do enough?
How will you respond to challenges in the months ahead?
Will you give up at the first sign of difficulty or will you press harder in the face of adversity?
Will you allow your fears to determine the level of your success and achievements in 2017?
At the end of 365 days, will you create a long list of excuses for doing nothing with the opportunities the year will inevitably present to you?

So here’s the biggest question: ARE YOU READY TO CONQUER 2017? The year is full of opportunities to learn, grow, create, innovate and succeed. Maximize it! May 2017 be your best year yet. To your success!
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