DAN3Welcome to a brand new week. It’s a wonderful week. Great opportunities awaits you. However, an important part of preparing for the New Week so that you can maximize it to the fullest is to review the past week. Over the years, entrepreneurship has been a truly amazing journey and a life-changing adventure and experience. One secret that has been beneficial in my adventure as an entrepreneur is that I always look behind and ask myself, ‘What did I do wrong yesterday?’ ‘What wrong choice did I make yesterday?’ and ‘What I’m I doing right today?’

To have a better future, you must learn from the past, apply what you learned and hope for a better tomorrow. One key lesson I learned early in life is that successful people and successful entrepreneurs are always learning! And they learn especially from mistakes and from the past. I always advice younger people to make reflection a daily, weekly and monthly habit. It’s important to reflect on every day’s activity, on what we’ve been doing right, and what isn’t working. Personally, I reflect on every aspect of my life, and from this habit of reflection, I am able to plan, refocus, and continuously improve. I learned many lessons last week and I know I still have lots more to learn in the weeks ahead. What about you? Did you learn anything?

Today is a perfect time to look back and reflect on what you did last week – your successes and failures; your mistakes, your choices and decisions; what you did right and what you did wrong, the risks you took and didn’t take; the door you opened and failed to open; the opportunities you maximized and the ones you didn’t.
Here are some useful questions to reflect on:
What did I learn?
What did I accomplish?
What would I have done differently?
What were the most significant events of the past week?
What did I do right?
What do I feel especially good about?
What was my greatest contribution?
What were my biggest challenges/difficulties?
What am I particularly grateful for?

The future would always start in the present, what we do today starts what we will be in the future. Learn from the past. But don’t live in the past. Enjoy the now. A great week full of opportunities to grow and succeed is ahead. So, make it count. Be enthusiastic and positive. Rise up every day, and see sunshine in each day. The difference between a good week and a bad week is your attitude. Your attitude will determine the outcome of the week. Do have a splendid week. To your success!
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