An emerging Business and Human Resource Catalyst; Mr. Dare Oladipupo, was the speaker at Salimo-Wits youth Leadership training held at the Events Place Ajah, Lagos on Saturday 12th December, 2015. The speaker commenced his presentation by conducting a 10 minute entrepreneurship IQ test for the participants to give them in-sight into the qualities of an entrepreneur. He described entrepreneurship as “Living few years of your life like most people won’t so you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

According to him, “Capital is not always about money.” He defined capital as that force that raises the productivity of labour, increases outcome and creates wealth. He stressed that energy, passion, knowledge and skill, time, effort, resilience, creativity and innovation as well as networks and connections are key requirements to becoming a successful entrepreneur. He said, “Creativity is the root of entrepreneurship. Creativity is an attitude. It is the thin line that demarcates those that succeed as entrepreneurs and those that don’t.”

Mr. Dare Oladipupo charged the participants to persevere and to think outside the box. He rounded-off his talk with this statement: “No Capital and No Collateral. No Problem. Start with what you have.” The participants won recharge cards, free books and other gifts as they answered questions on Leadership and Nigeria during the ‘Leadership Game’ session. Finally, the December edition of the Salimo-Wits Youth Leadership training was rounded-off with rendition of the club anthem and group photographs.

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