IMG_9483Dear Friends and partners,

Salimo-Wits Foundation (SWF) extend a warm welcome to our friends and partners.It is truly inspiring to see that our work is starting to spark a new generation, impact mindsets and make a difference in the lives of the youths. Now in our 3rd year, we are establishing ourselves more and more as an organization that is totally committed to harnessing and maximizing the potentials of young people. We enter 2015 filled with renewed optimism and commitment to the re-orientation and development of Nigeria’s future leaders.

SWF will continue to ignite within our beneficiaries the passion to learn, create, discover, and lead. As one of our ancestral proverbs states, “A Single Bangle Does not Jingle.” Thus, it is only through our minds and hands in unity can we forge a country that is responsive to our aspirations.

Barak Obama’s book title state aptly, each year we have the audacity to dream, pray and hope for change. And 2015, heralds hope for change in our individual lives and in our nation, Nigeria. It’s a New Year. And, yes, it’s possible to change. We need a better Nigeria, new leaders and radically different thinkers. On behalf of the board members of Salimo-Wits Foundation, I wish all our friends, partners, allies and the general public a great 2015.

Dan Ekoko
President and Founder

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