DSC03770In the spirit of the International Youth Day which was celebrated around the world on August 12, Salimo-Wits Leadership Initiative hosted her third leadership training and youth forum for the year on 30th August, 2014 with the theme ‘Youth and Mental Health.’ The event commenced a few minutes after 2:00pm with members of Club SLI introducing themselves and stating two unique attributes of themselves. An interactive discussion ensued on the heroism and patriotism of Dr Ameyo Stella Adadevoh the senior consultant at the First Consultants Hospital, Obalende, Lagos who treated Liberian-American Ebola patient Patrick Sawyer. The 20 minutes documentary of armless American motivational speaker, life coach and pilot; Jessica Cox was the focus of the video session. The documentary highlighted the challenges, courage and determination of Jessica Cox to make the best of her condition and challenges.

The featured speaker Mr. Nathaniel Ayodeji (a Health Psychologist) defined mental health as a psychological state of well-being in which an individual realizes his own ability, can cope with normal stress of life, work productively and is able to make meaningful contribution to the community. He also described mental health as a state when one is comfortable with others, one’s environment and is able to meet-up with daily demands. The speaker described the factors affecting mental health and wellbeing as biological, environmental, and sociocultural.

He linked productivity and the realization of one’s life goals and aspirations to good mental health. Mr. Nathaniel Ayodeji concluded the discussion session with the statement, “In every disability there is still ability to learn and stand out if you are willing and determined.” He fielded questions from SLI members. Amongst the factors discussed were childhood experiences, abuse of alcohol or drugs, ethical and moral upbringing, genetic predisposition, traumatic experiences and tragedy.

One of the SLI coordinators Owoyemi Emmanuel spoke on the importance of positive mental health to building leaders and transforming society. He stressed the need for the members of Club SLI to serve as conduits of information, to spread the right message about mental health to their friends and communities. Finally, the August edition of Club SLI forum and training came to an end at 3.40pm with closing prayers from the Founder and President of Salimo-Wits Foundation – Dan Ekoko and rendition of the Club SLI Anthem.

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