SLIMembers of the Club SLI gathered on Saturday 12th July 2014 for their July Leadership meeting at the Emotional Development Academy training center in Yaba, Lagos. The focus of the training was ‘Building Personality.’ One of the Salimo-Wits Executive coordinators, Sunny Ikhioya spoke on the need to build and maintain a good personality. He defined the term ‘Personality’ as a combination of our natural attributes and learned skills. According to Ikhioya, personality building is a continuous exercise throughout our lifetime because of environmental and situational factors. Ikhioya went on to highlight ten ways to build personality which included being a good listener, meeting new people, reading more and expanding one’s interest, having a positive outlook, respecting others and being supportive of others.

The training also featured the introduction of the first edition Salimo-Wits book review competition. The book review and public speaking competition based on Stephen R. Covey’s international bestseller: “The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective People” further demonstrates the organization’s commitment to youth development and nation building. A presentation on Book Review techniques was anchored by Ambassador Roland Eyetu. The speaker presented the audience with a simple step by step method for writing the review and the guidelines for the competition. He fielded questions from SLI members before the meeting came to an end at 3.30pm.

Salimo-Wits Leadership Initiative organizes inspirational leadership meetings and trainings to galvanize young Nigerians passionate for national transformation and a new Nigeria. The next forum with the theme ‘Leadership and Relationship’ holds on Saturday 16th August 2014.

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