Salimo-Wits Leadership Initiative hosted her third and concluding club forum and training for the year on Saturday, December 14th, 2013 with the theme: “Create the Future”.  A total number of 15 youths attended the training program which was designed to enable participants appreciate the power of goal setting and its impact on success as well as learn how to set appropriate short-term and long-term goals. At the end of the training, participants were expected to create personal mission and vision statements in order to increase the likelihood of their achieving success in their life pursuits. Arrival and registration of participants at the training venue started at about 12.40pm. The forum officially commenced at 1:00pm with rendition of the Nigerian national anthem. The program officer for Salimo-Wits Leadership Initiative Mr. Akin Adelakun, in his opening remark welcomed attendees and briefly extolled the qualities and leadership lessons in the life of the late former South African president and leadership icon Nelson Mandela.

The training session on ‘Goal-Setting’ was facilitated by Ambassador Femi Bandele. He commenced the training with a quotation from Jim Collins, “We cannot predict the future, but we can create it.” He underlined preparation and self-development as the key to success in life. The speaker clarified the difference between vision, mission, goals and objectives. He described a goal as a broad target. He said objectives are time bound, measurable, specific; realistic and should lead to the realization of goals. He defined a vision as a design, description and expectation of the future in the mind’s eye. In the words of the facilitator/trainer, “Your mission is your philosophy of operation. It is what separates and differentiates you from the crowd. Your objectives and your goals should be the ladder towards achieving your vision.” He guided the participants through a session on SWOT analysis. He stressed the need to identify one’s strength, weakness, opportunities and treats. The interactive and practical training session was concluded with the separation of the participants into four different work groups in order to utilize the new knowledge gained to create their goals, objectives as well as vision and mission statements. Each work group delivered presentations following the end of the group session.

The facilitators emphasized values, integrity and skill acquisition as being keys to being a transformational leader and change agent in the society. They further admonished participants to transfer whatever knowledge acquired during the training to others. The December edition of Salimo-Wits Leadership Club forum was concluded with closing prayers and group photographs.

The Salimo-Wits Leadership club forum aims at providing a social network and inspirational platform for members to learn, discover, develop and deploy their leadership skills and talents for personal and societal benefits. This is in line with the organization’s mission to raise visionary, sacrificial and servant leaders for national transformation, national advancement and global impact. The Leadership club’s next meeting in February 2014 will be a follow up training on Goal Setting and Mentoring.

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