09998877True leadership is not what you attain overnight. You will to go through the process of growth. Growth is one of the characteristics of living things. Only dead things do not grow. To be a leader, others will follow; personal growth is not negotiable. To really occupy the place of leadership, you must be ready to pay the cost which is GROWTH. Leadership is very delicate and it entails a great deal of maturity which is the outcome of GROWTH.

According to the Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, ‘GROWTH’ is the process of growing physically, mentally or emotionally. It is a systematic increase in the size, amount or degree of something. It is the process of planting a seed whereby it grows to it fruit. Growth entails consistent up-grading of your life, moving towards a more advanced state. Growth is a never ending journey. It is a process and not a programmme – a project that can never be really completed.

•Don’t just grow older, you must grow up.
•Don’t remain the ‘YOU’ that you were yesterday.
•True growth starts internally before reflecting externally.
•Growth is a positive change, a friend and not an enemy.
•God is interested in your growth
•Your level of growth which is your capacity determines the level of success in life.

Leadership skills and qualities can be learnt and mastered by anybody irrespective of his or her background. Leaders are to grow daily in order to remain forcefully relevant. You need to grow up in the following leadership qualities:

•Sacrificial living
•Relational skills
•Communication skills

Excerpt of kingsley Ewere’s (Convener) SUCCESS FOR YOUTHS presentation on the Independence Day Special Edition of the ‘SUCCESS FOR YOUTHS’ held on October 1st, 2013 @the National Sickle Cell Center, Lagos.

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