Ewere2Pastor, author, quantity surveyor, motivational speaker and youth developer; Kingsley Ewere was the speaker at the Club SLI forum held at the Emotional Development Academy hall, Yaba, Lagos on Saturday 17th August, 2013. The meeting commenced shortly after 12pm with a brief video on the life of Amber Peterson – a young girl living a happy and fruitful life despite her physical disability.

The theme for the August edition of the Salimo-Wits Leadership training was ‘Self-Discovery’ and it afforded participants the opportunity to gain new insights and also drew inspiration from Kingsley Ewere’s one hour presentation. The charismatic speaker and prolific author charged the youths to discover what makes them unique in the midst of the crowd. He described ‘Self-Discovery’ as the process of identifying one’s personality. According to him, “When you don’t discover yourself – your abilities and gifts; you live below God’s purpose for your life”. He stressed the need for the members of the leadership club to set direction for their life and future based on self-discovery and purpose. He shared with the audience 20 important keys that would help them discover their abilities, gifts and talents.

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