Who we are

Salimo-Wits Leadership Initiative is an arm of Salimo~Wits Foundation – a registered Non-governmental with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria; committed to raising innovative and visionary leaders for the purpose of national transformation and global impact. The organization values the potential of young people as present and future leaders and as agents of change in the society.

What we do

We execute projects and activities aimed at identifying, harnessing and maximizing the potentials of Nigerian youths through various trainings, workshops, symposiums, seminars, conferences and mentoring programs irrespective of gender, creed, ethnicity or economic status. All our activities are focused on three core areas: Leadership and Personal Development, Entrepreneurship and Career Development as well as Talent Development.

Our Vision

Becoming a foremost non-Governmental organization with specific aim of berthing quality change globally starting with Nigeria’s social, economic and political arena.

Our Mission

Salimo-Wits Leadership Initiative is dedicated to creating awareness on the well-being of youths globally beginning with promotion of youth empowerment, discouraging irrational behavior and encouraging youths to be useful to themselves through advocacy, research, education and professional services


  1. To redeem the future of our nation by investing in today’s youth through value, principle and character-based training.
  2. To create a social network platform that will help like-minded people seeking a change in the nation.
  3. To plan and organize youth-based programs.
  4. To act as backbone and platform for emerging leaders.

Core Values

In realizing our organizational goal and objectives, our work and interactions are guided by our belief in the following:


We consistently demonstrate transparency and accountability in all our dealings and take responsibility for our actions, inaction and decisions.


We shall not discriminate by word or conduct, anyone on account of personality, physical appearance, race, perceived economic status, gender, political and religious beliefs. 


We are committed to the continuous pursuit of quality and excellence in all our undertakings and constantly challenge ourselves to ensure that our activities, programs and performances are of the highest possible standards.


We act consistently with our mission and vision. Not compromising the truth; we maintain the highest moral principles, character and ethical standards at all times.


We treat and regard our partners, donors, beneficiaries and volunteers with respect and dignity in words and actions.


At the forefront of our organizational philosophy is a focus on setting and achieving clear measurable goals and objectives.

Team Work

We promote, encourage and participate in partnerships with different stakeholders who share our values and vision.